How to Discontinue Using Vonvon's Services

Are you concerned about the rumor around privacy breach?

We are aware of the recent accusasion raised by a small privacy group in UK. In response to this, has recently conducted an independent study with a highly reputable security expert Electronic Frontier Foundation, and after a series of thorough inspection, they announced " appears that Vonvon is indeed playing it safe with user data. Most Used Words, and the company’s other quizzes, seem to be run within the web browser in JavaScript, which means the data is parsed right there on the user’s computer, not far away in the cloud. They are doing it in the most privacy protective way they could, given the limitations of Facebook’s API. At the same time, people may not realize that they don’t have to do it that way, and it’s entirely possible that they could have done it another way — a less conscientious developer could have done it differently.” You can read the full story from here.

Our goal is to provide entertaining & meaningful ways for our users to connect with their friends and loved ones.  We are dedicated to create fun, engaging, and innovative contents while respecting our users' privacy, and we hope our users will trust us in our efforts to creating a fun & safe platform for everyone to use.

Still Wish to Deiscontinue Using Vonvon's Services?

For security purposes, before you can disconnect from our service, we ask you to login one last time.

To permanently delete all association with us,

- Visit the website
- Click on "Log-in" on the upper right corner of the page.
- Click on "Remove Account" on the very bottom of the page.
- Confirm your decision.

Please be advised that this deletes all information we have on our servers, and is irreversible. After you have removed yourself from our service, we won't be able to restore your information.