How Do I Remove a Post or Quiz Link?

How to Remove a Post from My Timeline

You can remove stories that you and your friends post on your Timeline. To remove a story from your Timeline:

  1. Go to your Timeline
  2. Hover over the story and click the down arrow icon
  3. Select Delete or Hide from Timeline from the dropdown menu
    • Hide from Timeline: Removes the story from your Timeline, not Facebook.
    • Delete: Removes the story from Facebook entirely. Keep in mind that you can only delete stories that you have posted.

When the original post is deleted, their friends will no longer be able to see the post in their news feeds. 

How to Remove a Quiz Link

If you have created a quiz link, but no longer want to distribute the link to your friends, you will need to deactivate your account. Please follow the link below this article.

Please note that removal of quiz link(s) only works if you have created a quiz while logged in to our service. If you have created a quiz link without logging in first,
there is no way to disable or remove the quiz link and its associated results.